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About Pastor John Wiley

John Wiley is an unconventional pastor who teaches love and compassion through his passion to mentor and creativelyshow others how to see their cities differently. He demonstrates to young families a fresh and transparent approach to a traditional gospel message with relevance to embrace it at a heart level. He also equips Christians to recognize and engage the opportunities before them that they may have been missing on a daily basis.

John is an ordained Foursquare Pastor. In 1981, he accepted Christ while in a military prison at the age of 19 and in 2001, he and his family started River Church Family with 15 teenagers where he serves as the senior pastor. Today, the River has over 350 people. John is also the founder of River of Refuge,  a non-profit, Kansas City based organization committed to help transition homeless families who have jobs from high-rent motels and shelters into permanent housing.

In 2010, John shared his story of how he came to give his life to Jesus during an interview on CBN’s 700 Club Interactive. The interview can be viewed below.

John and Mary Jo have been married since 1982. They have three children and four grandchildren. For 20 years, Mary Jo focused on raising their 3 children. In 2009, she completed her doctoral studies and today practices chiropractic care at Revma Health Center in Raytown, MO.